Studio Spacing Guidelines

The maximum number of individuals that should frequent the studio at one time will be no more than 3 . Because of the space taken up by equipment during full shoot setup (~60% of whole studio space) the number of individuals is severely limited in order to maintain the CDC social distancing best practices.

Headshot Day Changes

Previously, headshot day was scheduled the first Tuesday of each month and shoots were scheduled in 15 minute increments of each other. During this time, headshot days will remain the first Tuesday of each month but the shoots will be scheduled in 30 minute increments.

Shoot Day Protocols

Individuals that have an appointment at the ATU MARCOMM Studio will need to follow the steps below as they arrive on shoot day (these steps will be supplied to them as part of the regular scheduling correspondence:)

  • Depending on the type of shoot the individual will be participating in (video or photo,) will determine who the individual needs to contact before entering Browning Hall. The number to the appropriate MARCOMM staff member will be supplied as part of scheduling correspondence.
  • During the phone call, the ATU MARCOMM staff member will either give verbal confirmation for the individual to enter Browning Hall if no other individuals are in the studio OR if the call isn’t answered, the individual will need to wait on the south side (Hull side) of Browning Hall, near the main door steps. If other individuals are present, the individual agrees to maintain social distancing best practices.
  • If the individual reaches voicemail and is waiting, the designated MARCOMM staff member will call them when the studio is ready.
  • The individual will put on their mask before entering the building and immediately report to the restroom to wash their hands.
  • Upon washing their hands, they will head to the studio space. The MARCOMM staff member will be equipped with a mask and maintain social distance best practices. The MARCOMM staff member will adjust lighting, etc. once the individual is seated or standing in their marked location.
  • The photographed/videoed individual will remove their mask only once they are seated or standing in a marked location and the staff member has given the verbal confirmation.
  • Photographs/video will be taken while maintaining social distancing best practices.
  • Once the shoot is over, the photographed/videoed individual will place their mask back on before leaving their seat or marked location.
  • The designated ATU MARCOMM staff member will disinfect the seat and/or props once the individual has left the studio space.

Additional Concerns/Considerations

  • During this time, back of camera previews on headshot day will no longer be possible due to social distancing protocols. The individual will receive a gallery containing 5-6 choices for them to choose from. Once the images have been uploaded, they will be alerted that their photos are ready to be viewed via the ticket in Teamwork Desk.
  • Group photos/videos will not be possible/allowed in the studio until the university has given permission to limit social distancing guidelines.
  • Individuals agree not to touch equipment or enter into MARCOMM employee offices while they are present for their shoot day.
  • If the individual needs to change clothes as part of the shoot, they will place their mask on before leaving to change, change in the restroom, and continue wearing a mask until they have returned to their place/seat to be photographed/videoed and have received verbal confirmation.