Setting up your Marketing Photoshoot

1. Each department or program wanting a photoshoot should select 2-3 scenes/environments that would be realistic for that area of study. Example:  a nursing professor might show students interacting with a live patient, interacting with the SIMs, and utilizing a skill learned.

2. Determine and select the students needed for each scene. The first scene may need one individual, while the second scene may need 4-5. Different students should be used in each scene to ensure the largest variety of uses as well as long-term use of the photos.

3. Submit your request to Melanie Paterak, via this link: (  and provide some options of dates and time frames for the shoot. Melanie will work to determine a schedule based on the various needs to make sure she has ample time to photograph all scenes.

4. Once a date is confirmed, your department will need to reserve any needed classrooms and ensure talent is secured.

5. Depending on the nature of the photos, the department may also need to communicate specific wardrobe choices to students. We strongly advise against other schools' logoed t-shirts.


Day of Shoot Expectations

1. On the day before the photos, confirm the classroom reservations and that the students will be free during the time allowed for the photos.

2. If any scene setup is needing on the day of the photoshoot, a representative from the area should assist in this process to ensure the scene is accurate.  For example, if a computer needs to be turned on to a certain display mode, the representative would oversee this process.

3. During the photoshoot time, a representative from the appropriate area should be on hand to ensure the technical authenticity of photos. For example – if a piece of equipment needs to be held a certain way, the representative would make sure the shot is accurate.