Examples of faculty profiles 

  1. Automatic only: Dr. Jeff Woods
  2. Automatic + Additional Fields: Dr. Guolin Yi


Instructions for departmental website editors

  1. How to add individual faculty profiles – this generates an automatic-only profile
  2. How to add extra sections to a faculty profile – this adds new sections to a pre-existing, automatic-only profile
  3. How to create a new faculty profile with additional fields – Do step 1 immediately followed by step 2
  4. How to edit a department's Faculty Page - these are instructions for adding a new faculty to or editing a department's faculty & staff listing webpage. 


Notes about faculty profiles

  • New as of 1/28/21 - Adjunct faculty profiles can now be generated. Follow the instructions above to add adjunct faculty to your website. 
  • Name, Title, Contact Info, Education, and Courses Taught information is pulled automatically from Banner and cannot be edited by website editors. Any change to this information would need to be made in Banner.
    • To edit Name & Contact Info in Banner- contact Human Resources
    • To edit Working Title, Education, & Courses Taught in Banner - contact Academic Affairs
    • Once the information has been edited in Banner, republish the faculty profile in OU Campus for the changes to be reflected on the site. It may take 24 hours for the changes made in Banner to be visible in OU Campus.

  • Profiles for new faculty cannot be added until that faculty member’s contract has been completely processed by Academic Affairs and a profile has been completed for them in Banner. If a web editor follows the instructions above and gets an error message, this is usually the cause.

  • Deans and administrative faculty who do not teach courses will not generate automatic profiles. If you would like to add a profile page for a Dean or administrative position you may do so by following the instructions for creating a new webpage and adding their profile information manually.

  • Faculty have two options for having their photo added to their profile. Please see How to add a photo to a faculty web profile for more information.