1. T-shirt art must be designed or approved by MARCOMM. (Allow at least 1 week for approval, at least 6 weeks for design.)
    1. Request a t-shirt design (Freestyle Project)
    2. Submit t-shirt artwork for approval
  2. Determine quantity, sizes, and t-shirt type/color. (Brandi Collins has swatches and samples available by appointment.)
  3. Complete a blank vendor requisition for the t-shirts. A good estimate to use for standard t-shirts with one-color artwork on the front is $4 per shirt for orders over 200 shirts and $5 per shirt for orders less than 200 shirts. (Contact Brandi Collins for other estimates.)
  4. Complete the student prize form for the Controller's Office. This must be signed by the controller before a bid will be issued.
  5. Contact Brandi Collins, bcollins@atu.edu with all information for quotes. (Shirt info, Final Artwork, Approval Forms)
      1. Quote requests are released on Mondays with results available on Wednesdays (Contact Brandi Collins for special circumstances.)
      2. No quote requests will be released without confirmation of an approved blank vendor requisition and approval from the Controller’s office
      3. Final artwork in vector (high res outlined PDF, AI or EPS file) format must be provided at the time of the quote request.
      4. Allow adequate time for vendors to produce t-shirts. Rush orders cost the university additional funds. It is best to allow at least two weeks for printing shirts if possible, which is figured from the time the vendor receives the Purchase Order. The vendor is not authorized to order or print shirts until they have an official PO from ATU.
      5. Cindy Hubbard, chubbard@atu.edu or her representative in Procurement at purchasing@atu.edu, will request quotes if Brandi Collins is not available.
    1. Department will be notified of final bid results and receive their departmental copy of the PO. MARCOMM and Procurement will provide the artwork and PO to the vendor.