1.  Navigate to your website's folder in OU Campus.

  2. Click the green button that says "New" at the top of the folder window.

  3. Select New Interior Page.

  4. In the new page dialog box, fill out the following:
    1. Metadata - this information helps search engines find your webpage. How to edit metadata in OU Campus
      1. Title - use a title that describes the content that will appear on this page. This helps the site search find your page when users are searching for content relevant to what appears on this page.
      2. Keywords - include a few keywords that sum up the content found on the page. Example: residence life, housing, about residence life, dorms, res halls
      3. Description - Write a one sentence description of the content that will appear on this page
    2. Show banner - select yes if you want the option to have a photo or video at the top of the page
      1. Banner type - leave it on Editable Content
    3. Show introduction Region - SKIP, do not select
    4. Filename - give your page a filename that indicates what it is so you can find it in your site folder. This is also the text that appears in the page URL. Here is how to name your file:
      1. No capital letters
      2. No spaces - if you need to break up words, use a dash or underscore
      3. Always include the .pcf at the end
      4. Example: housing-info.pcf

  5. Click Create

  6. Open the page by click Main Content and save to remove the pink menu error

Now you can add content to your new page!