1. In OU Campus, open the page you want to place the video on
  2. In the editor, place your cursor where you want the video to appear
  3. Select the "Insert Snippet" button on the editor toolbarImage Placeholder
  4. Select the "Embedded YouTube Video" snippet. This will place the snippet at the location of your cursor.
  5. Place your cursor inside the "Video Iframe" box of the snippetImage Placeholder
  6. Select the "Insert/Edit Video" button on the editor toolbarImage Placeholder
  7. Go to your video on YouTube, select "Share", and copy the video link provided
  8. Go back to OU Campus and paste that video link in the "Source" field of the Insert/Edit Video box
  9. Click "OK"
  10. You will not see a preview of your video in the page editor. Save your page to exit the editor and preview your page with the embedded video.
  11. Publish the page if you are finished making changes, or continue editing.