Page Versions in OU Campus allows users to revert pages to previous versions without having to re-build pages from scratch. Page versioning is also a solution for pages with seasonal content because it allows you to remove the non-relevant content and publish the page, but then revert to the seasonally appropriate version of the page later - without having to reinput the old content. 

How to Save A Version 

  1. Open the page you wish to edit in OU Campus and check it out by clicking on the lightbulb
  2. Select "Save Version" on the toolbar

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  3. Title your version so that you can find it again when you are ready to revert to this page's content. Click "Save Version". You will get a message stating "Backup successful, Version # created."

  4. View your version list by clicking on "Versions" in the Page View Toolbar

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  5. You will see your version title in the "Description" column. You may now edit your page and publish new edits and have the ability to revert to this version at any time. 

How to revert to a previous version

  1. Open the Versions tab in the Page View Toolbar

  2. Find the version you wish to revert to
  3. Hover over the version until a menu appears under "Options"

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  4. Click on Revert
  5. Confirm the reversion by clicking on "Revert" in the Revert Version dialog box
  6. Click on "Edit" in the Page View Toolbar
  7. Your previous version is now ready to be edited and published as usual