Are you working in OU Campus and finding that you are no longer seeing the main content button on pages you navigate to within the editor?

If so, here is how to fix that:

1. Look up to the top-left hand corner of the editor screen and click on the blue "Pages" link.

Image Placeholder

2. This will take you to your folder-level navigation - now select the page you want to edit

3. The main content button should now be visible after checking out the page by clicking the lightbulb

Things to remember about navigating in OU Campus:

  1. While you can click within the preview mode of OU Campus, it does not take you to an editable version of a page so the Main Content button will not appear. This view is preview-only.
  2. To navigate effectively, use the "Pages" link to go back to your folder-level navigation screen and then select the page you want to edit from there OR you can log in through the copyright symbol of the page you want to edit from the live ATU website.