1. Open the faculty list page in OU Campus
  2. Check out the page by clicking the lightbulb
  3. Click "Main Content"

To edit a current faculty member's listing:

  1. Update the name or title by making a regular text edit via the toolbar. The faculty name can be a link if they have a faculty profile. Adjunct instructors do not have profiles and will not have a link in this instance.
  2. Update the office location or phone number as plain text. All styling will be stripped from these items. 
  3. Update the email as regular text, hit the space bar after typing the email address to make the email a link to open a new email window.

To add a new faculty member listing:

  1. Find where you want to add the new faculty member on your list and place your cursor in the row above or below the spot you want to add a new faculty row. 
  2. Right-click inside the row above or below where you want to add the row
  3. Select "Row" from the drop-down menu that appears
  4. Select "Insert Row Before" or "Insert Row After" depending on where you want to add the new faculty member in your list
  5. Now you have a blank row in which to add the new faculty member
  6. Inside the "Name & Title" section:
    1. Type the faculty member's name then hit SHIFT+Enter to insert a line directly below the name
    2. Type the faculty member's title
    3. Bold the faculty member's name
    4. Highlight the faculty member's name and link to their faculty profile if they have one. Follow the steps found here: How to add individual faculty profiles to add a new faculty profile. Note: Adjunct Faculty do not have profiles. If you are adding an adjunct, skip this step.
      1. How to link to a faculty profile:
        1. Highlight the faculty name
        2. Select "Insert/Edit Link" on the toolbar
        3. Select the "Browse" button in the URL window (looks like a folder and a magnifying glass"
        4. Select the "profiles" folder
        5. Select the faculty profile you want to link to
        6. Click Insert
        7. Click OK
  7. Add the Hall name and Office number for the faculty in the "Hall Name and Office #" section
  8. Add the phone number in the "Phone" section
  9. Add the email in the "Email" section

How to delete a faculty listing:

  1. Right-click inside the row of the faculty member you want to remove
  2. Click "Row"
  3. Click "Delete Row"

Save and publish the edits you have made to the Faculty List page.