1. Open the page you want to add the accordion snippet to in OU Campus
  2. Click Main Content
  3. Place your cursor where you want the accordion snippet to appear
  4. Click on the plug icon in the top-right corner of the OU Campus editor window
  5. Click on "Snippets"
  6. Click on "Accordion"
  7. Click "Insert"
  8. Set the drop-down link - this is what you see when the accordion is collapsed
    1. Highlight "Title" in the first snippet row below "Panel Title"
    2. Type in the text you want for the first drop-down link
  9. Set the hidden content - this is what will display when a user clicks the drop-down link to expand the content
    1. Highlight "Content" in the first snippet row below "Panel Content"
    2. Type or paste in the content you want to appear when the drop-down link is clicked
  10. Repeat Steps 8 & 9 for every drop-down link you would like to include in the accordion
    1. If you need fewer drop-downs:
      1. Highlight the un-used rows in the accordion snippet
      2. Right-click
      3. Select "Row"
      4. Select "Delete Row"
    2. If you need more drop-downs:
      1. Right-click inside the last row of the snippet
      2. Select "Row"
      3. Select "Insert Row After"
  11. Click "Save and Exit" on your editor toolbar to see a preview of what your drop-down accordion will look like
  12. Publish the page or continue editing