OU Campus forms, or LDP (Live Delivery Platform) forms, have an advanced field that allows form builders to take advantage of higher-level functionality while still remaining simple to use. 

Visit the OU Campus Support Site LDP form article to see all of the options for the Advanced Field.  

In this article, we're going to focus on the "dataset" attribute. 

The Dataset attribute applies pre-made data to radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down lists, or multi-select lists. An example of a dataset attribute in action is when a form asks for your address and you get to the state portion of the form and find a drop-down list of each state. 

Rather than typing in every single state name, you can use a dataset to pull a list of state names into your drop-down list. 

In the Advanced Field of the form field you want to add a dataset to, type the following:

  1. dataset=datasetname;
    1. For example, the syntax for a list of full state names is: dataset=state;
    2. If you want postal abbreviation, use: dataset=state_ab;

There are several pre-made datasets you can use for selection lists. Here are the ones available for the ATU website:

  • dataset=country; 
    • Includes a list of country names with the US appearing first
  • dataset=month;
    • Includes a list of 12 abbreviated month names. Example: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, etc.
  • dataset=year;
    • Includes a list of years from 1950-2030
  • dataset=year_90s;
    • Includes a list of years from 1990-2010
  • dataset=date;
    • Includes a numbered list 1-31
  • dataset=state_ab;
    • Includes a list of states' postal abbreviations, with Arkansas listed first
  • dataset=state;
    • Includes a list of states names, with Arkansas listed first
  • dataset=gradprogram;
    • Includes a list of all ATU Graduate Programs
  • dataset=gradprogram_nocert;
    • Includes a list of ATU Graduate Programs excluding certificates
  • dataset=ozdegree;
    • Includes a list of degrees available at ATU-Ozark
  • dataset=tshirt;
    • Includes a list of t-shirt sizes Small - 4XL
  • dataset=colleges;
    • Includes a list of ATU academic colleges
  • dataset=classification;
    • Includes a list reading: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
  • dataset=major;
    • Includes a list of the majors available at ATU-Russellville
  • dataset=highschool;
    • Includes a list of every high school in Arkansas

Once you've inserted your dataset, you can preview it in the field element.