Developing quality web content is the most important task in creating new webpages or editing pre-existing webpages. Follow the steps below to level up your web content and help your users find the information they need on your website.

Step 1 - Review Writing for the Web Slide Deck

Knowing the basics of how to develop great web content will give you a leg up when you start outlining and writing your content. Review the Writing for the Web slide deck to get a quick overview of what goes into making stellar web content.

Step 2 - Planning Your Content Outline

Determine your target audience and what they want to accomplish by visiting your site. How can you help those visitors accomplish their tasks while also accomplishing your website goals?

Step 3 - Refine Your Outline Into Written Content

Once you have your outline, start turning that outline into written content. Refer back to the Writing for the Web slide deck and Writing for the Web I - Tips for writing assistance. 

Step 4 - Format Your Content For Web Reading

Now you are ready to add your content to a webpage. Make sure your page includes a topic paragraph at the top, topic sentences, headings, bullet points or numbered lists, and clear, concise writing.

Review the formatting section of Writing for the Web for formatting assistance.

If you would like assistance during the content development process, feel free to reach out to ATU Web Development to schedule a Web Consult or Live Help Session. All meetings held via Webex.