How to add an individual faculty profile:

  1. Open OU Campus for the department website's main folder
  2. Click on the "Profiles" folder
  3. Click on the +New drop-down menu
  4. Select "New Profile Page"
  5. Fill out the following information:
    1. Page Title - The faculty member's preferred first and last name
    2. Description - Give a description of the information contained on this page. Example: "This page contains information about Dr. Firstname Lastname's contact info, education, classes taught, and research interests."
    3. Tags - LEAVE BLANK
    4. Keywords - Include a few keywords to help search engines find this page. Example: faculty's name, department, research interests, field(s) of study
    5. Filename - the faculty member's OneTech ID. Example: tzeigler3
    6. Email - the faculty member's email. Example:
    7. Overwrite existing - LEAVE BLANK
    8. Access group - LEAVE INHERIT FROM PARENT
  6. Click "OK"
    1. This will create the automatic profile page that pulls faculty info directly from Banner. You will now see that page in the OU Campus editor. This information cannot be edited in OU Campus. To make edits to this information, contact Human Resources to update contact info and Academic Affairs to update education and courses taught.
    2. The faculty member's headshot will also appear on this page automatically if one is on file for them in the system. If a headshot does not appear, the faculty member can request a headshot be taken by submitting a ticket here: Once the headshot has been taken, MARCOMM will process the photo and add it to the system. The photo will then appear on the profile page.
      1. If the faculty member has taken a headshot previously with the ATU photographer, but the photo does not show up on the profile page - please email with the faculty member's name and OneTech ID and request that their most recent headshot be added to the faculty images systems. 
  7. You can now click "Publish" at the top of the page if you are ready for the profile to be available on your website. 
    1. If you would like to add additional sections to the profile page, please see How to add extra sections to a faculty profile
  8. If you need to add a link to the profile you just created to the department's faculty listing webpage, please see this article: How to edit a department's Faculty Page